Steve Frost

First things first… There are places on the Southcoast that just stink!  And we've compiled a list of 6 places on the Southcoast that are THE smelliest.

There are some pretty smelly places on the Southcoast, but we narrowed down the ones that stand out the most to us and to everyone else.   We're not trying to insult any one town or area but with the help of our listeners this morning on The Rock and Fox Show, we've compiled a list of some pretty stinky spots, check it out!



  • via google maps

    Fun107 Parking Lot

    When they empty the grease pit next door at the 99 it is one of the worst smells that creeps into the Fun107 studios.

  • via google maps

    Farm on Narrows Rd in Westport

    In this case, it is the seashells that smell and not the farm itself!

  • via google maps

    Route 195 as you are coming in and out of Fairhaven

    We aren't really sure what this smell is, but it is BAD.

  • via google maps

    New Bedford Waterfront

    The working waterfront in New Bedford definitely doesn't smell like the sweet ocean.  Is it scenic and full of character, yes...but it smells!

  • semass via facebook

    SEMASS Trash Facility in West Wareham

    This trash to energy smells like, well, trash, especially in the summer sun.

  • via google maps

    Smith Neck Road in South Dartmouth

    This place has a wicked lowtide smell that will make anyone shut their windows.