Tiger Woods completed one of the greatest comebacks in sports and pulled out a historic win at the Masters last weekend, but should we be rooting for him?

Tiger Woods was and likely still is the biggest draw in golf. When he shows up, people watch. People are interested. He brings a star power that some other golfers don't. For those reasons, it was huge news over the weekend when Tiger completed the comeback and finally won another major.

Now, we don't have a comeback unless there is something to come back from. Tiger has been battling really tough back issues, which is less than ideal for someone trying to compete at the highest level of golf. Tiger's downfall didn't come from his back issues, though. The original fall from grace came when we found out that Tiger had destroyed his family and marriage with his infidelity.

With some substance issues that led to some pretty horrible mugshots and other terribly bad press, Tiger lost a lot of support. Sponsors dropped him. People spoke out against him. His image was ruined and deservedly so.

The question is, can we forgive? He's a man who made a plethora of mistakes, but when can we root for the comeback?

There are a number of people I've spoken to this week that say they don't care about Tiger Woods. They've told me he doesn't deserve to be celebrated. Personally, I think that's a slippery slope because we've all made mistakes. The only difference is we all haven't made our mistakes so publicly.

I think it's fine to root for Tiger, because I don't just root for the golfer. I root for the man. I hope to see him come back not just on the putting green, but in life. I hope Tiger can be an example of how thoughtful we need to be, because we can lose everything in an instant.

He also can be the example of how, no matter how far you've fallen, you can change, learn, grow and make it back to the top.

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