The heaviest bag of candy I have ever recorded from a trick or treating outing was seven pounds. I collected the weight of a newborn in sweets while I pranced from house to house in a Cinderella gown, and I would never want a child to miss out on a night like that one.

That’s why I hope trick or treating will not be canceled this year, like so many other events in 2020, and after chatting about it on the Michael and Maddie show, it seems that I’m not alone.

Pam Murphy via Facebook
Pam Murphy via Facebook

A local woman named Pam took to Facebook to ask, “Wondering if trick or treating (is) canceled in Wareham due to COVID?” With Halloween events and activities being canceled all over the country, her question is valid. The question spurred over 50 responses and the message was clear: it better not be canceled.

Sara S. chimed in, saying, “We will still be celebrating Halloween. These poor kids have been put through enough this last year. It’s the only (thing) they have to look forward (to) right now. They need something to lift their spirits and make them feel excited and happy again.”

Greg J. added, “If you can go into a restaurant, Walmart, and walk in the park, I don’t see how it would be canceled. Nor do I see them being able to broadly enforce it either. It wouldn’t worry, just get the kids masks/ covers that will go with their costumes.”

Here's what the morning show had to say:

To Sara and Greg, I am with you. Masks and Halloween can easily go hand-in-hand with a little creativity. Personally, I will be wearing gloves and a mask when I pass out my candy. Here’s a sneak peek of my potential costume:

Up, up, and away!

With a little creativity and teamwork, we can make trick or treating happen. Let’s do it for the kids of the SouthCoast.

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