It's sad to say, but I see drivers speeding within a school zone far too often.

School is in session all across the SouthCoast and children are out and about. Distracted driving seems to be at an all-time high, putting children at risk. The last thing I want to hear on the local news is a tragedy, especially when it involves someone's child.

While driving throughout Providence last week, I noticed a bunch of bright flashes coming from an upcoming sidewalk. It was taking photos of cars driving past, but not every car.

I called up a buddy who lived in the area and he told me that it's a school zone speeding camera and that it captures your license plate and sends the violator, via mail, a $50 ticket for speeding ticket within a school zone.

Part of me was horrified, but the other half was thinking, Wow, that is kind of genius, if you ask me.

After a little bit of digging, I found out that these cameras were installed back in 2018, so forgive me for just discovering them; I'm not from Rhode Island.

However, I think it might be a good idea to bring to the SouthCoast to stop those from barreling down New Bedford and Fall River's tight streets where the speed limits are only 15-20 mph. The same goes for Westport and Dartmouth school zones as well; I've seen way too many people fly past what will be the new Westport High School on Old County Road and even over on Slocum Road near Bishop Stang.

The point is, all it takes to hit a child who ran out into the street is to have your eyes off the road for a split second; if speed is a factor, you might not have enough time to pump the brakes. Nobody should have to live with that on their conscience and no parent should have to have that happen to them.

I've voiced my opinion, so let's hear yours: would you like to see these school zone speeding cameras here on the SouthCoast? Shoot me an email at or cast your vote below:

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