One of the biggest struggles with planning a wedding is trying to keep the guest list in check.  Big guest lists can be costly and many times impossible with certain venues here on the SouthCoast.

There's always the hot debate about whether or not to invite children to a wedding, and if so, which children should be allowed to attend and which should stay home.

There are a lot of couples that couldn't imagine planning their big day without including the children in their family. Children are part of the fabric of family celebrations, so why not include them at the wedding reception? Sometimes these children are the sons and daughters of close friends, sometimes they are nieces and nephews, sometimes they are children of either the bride, the groom, both, or any combination of all three.

On the flip side, sometimes couples prefer to keep their wedding receptions as an adult affair. It's hard to blame them. The average cost of a wedding in American in the year 2020 is approaching $40,000 according to CNBC. In fact, wedding loans are becoming a thing, with the average couple borrowing $11,000 to pay for their big day.

With costs like that, many couples want to make sure their guests are enjoying every single minute and taking in every last detail without the distraction of little ones running around in circles on the dancefloor. It's a good reminder to those of us who are parents and may be invited to a wedding. Don't take it personally if your little cherubs don't make the final cut of a wedding guest list.

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