I'm the worst when it comes to Halloween. I actually tell people this is my least favorite holiday. Actually I like to use the word "hate" when referring to Halloween.

It's mostly because the one thing everyone loves to do, dress up, is the one thing I absolutely dread. I'm so boring when it comes to my final costume decisions. I was a taco one year, a circus ring leader another, a Red Sox baseball player (with big balls) another year.

This year, I'm stuck. I was looking back to my last Fun 107 Monster Mash. At the time, Ryan Cabrera was one of my idols so I attempted to dress up like him. Check out my photo above with Christine Fox, Michael Rock, and JR at Monster Mash circa 2003, I think.

Not a bad attempt, right? Well let's fast forward to this year. What should I be? I don't think I can pull that hair off again. I mean, I definitely have a jean jacket somewhere.

I need your suggestions. Can you submit them on the Fun 107 app for me? I'll even bribe you with Monster Mash tickets. Send me some old costume photos or maybe you wore you Halloween costume already this year. Send me the pictures. I promise I won't wear the same thing.

PS: Nothing that shows too much skin and I absolutely hate masks. I'm making things more difficult, I know. I better see you at Monster Mash this Friday at The Vault at Greasy Luck. The party starts at 10 p.m.

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