Just a friendly PSA reminding you and your furry friends to wear bright colors on your nature walks.

While it's technically been "hunting season" for about two months here in Massachusetts, shotgun season opens today through December 8. That means that you could be sharing your favorite walking spots with hunters and the deer for which they are hunting.

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To keep yourself and your pets safe, invest in an orange hoodie or vest, orange hat, or some other brightly colored clothing items so you can be easily seen from a distance, even in denser wooded areas.

Another helpful tip is to always hike or walk with another person, in addition to your pets, and carry on a conversation so you're making noise that is distinguishable from an animal. Yes, you might scare off a deer or turkey. But I'm sure hunters would much rather hear you coming than accidentally fire in your direction.

By the same token, be courteous and stay out of areas that hunters frequent. We have so many trails and paths here on the SouthCoast that cannot be hunted on, so use those to avoid any potentially dangerous situations during hunting season.

There are plenty of woods to go around and we want to make sure everyone stays safe.

Winter Pheasant hunting during a snowstorm



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