Ballots have already been cast across the country today as Americans are lining up to pick the next president.

This year, Election Day also came with a threat from ISIS urging it's followers to launch attacks.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson discussed the concern during an appearance on the Barry Richard Show on Tuesday saying that, although there have been no incidents so far, law enforcement is remaining on guard.

"Our people are part of the MetroLEC operation in the metropolitan area of Boston and our people will be activated for preventive purposes but, so far in this area, we haven't had any problems, but we do want to remain vigilant," said Hodgson

While saying that it can be hard to predict what ISIS will do, Hodgson says law enforcement officials are leaving nothing to chance.

"You can never tell with ISIS," said Hodgson "sometimes they will make the statements to just sort of paralyze people, getting them scared, that's what they're about, and other times they may be carrying it out, so we have to go on the premise that when they're making threats like this that we want to raise the awareness of people to be vigilant."

There have also been concerns about potential voter intimidation at the polls.

Hodgson said he hasn't received any reports of incidents taking place locally, but says it is something they are keeping an eye on.

"I've not heard of any in our county and I haven't heard actually anywhere at this point, but we'll certainly be paying attention for that," said Hodgson.

Hodgson is also urging residents to report any suspicious individuals or activity to law enforcement officials immediately.

Once the voting is done Hodgson says that he and other law enforcement officials will be on hand to respond to any incidents that may occur.