I consider voting to be an American right and I take it pretty seriously. Nothing will get in the way of me casting my vote for elected officials.

In recent years, it has become increasingly important that we all get out and vote. Social media has been playing an increasingly important role in not only getting to know the candidates but also to promote the actual act of voting.

Clearly some of our tax money goes into making sure we can vote, and making sure that all voting stops have what they need to collect our votes.

I was sorely disappointed when I found out that my Fairhaven polling location didn't have any "I Voted" stickers. Now I know it seems a bit silly that I would get upset over not getting a sticker. I'm a younger voter but I am an educated citizen of the United States. I placed my vote and then asked again when I handed my ballot to the poll worker. The response was, "We don't have any stickers but we do have candy."

I quickly responded, "I'd really have a sticker than candy."

I figured this was something that had nothing to do with the poll workers so I walked down to the Town Clerk's office. I just wanted to know why they chose to not have any stickers available. The woman at the desk said that it's because the poll workers are "too busy" to worry about stickers.

Ok, so this sounds silly and I may sound like a brat just wanting a damn sticker, but is it really that much more work? Every time I have voted, the poll workers are sitting checking names off or checking identification where needed. Also, couldn't you just leave a pile of stickers on the table that we can grab?

I get it. With voting discrepancies happening all over right now we need the poll workers focused and yes, I get their priorities.

My thinking, though, is in our current time where social media plays such a massive role in our elections and everyone posts their selfies with their "I Voted" stickers, shouldn't it be commonplace to have stickers?

Am I being overdramatic? Or do you feel me on this? Get us some stickers so we can wear them proudly.

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