The shark research season has just begun and nine sharks are already being tracked off the Cape.It wouldn't be summer on the Cape without shark sightings and this is gearing up to be a busy season.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is already tracking nine great white sharks.

They posted on their Facebook page just after kicking off field work for the 2019 season and were already reporting multiple sharks.

Luckily most of those sharks were spotted two miles off the coast of Wellfleet, not creeping close to the beaches just yet.

The research crew is starting to tag all the new sharks they spot, but one great white was a previously tagged shark from 2016.

They named this shark Ashley Grace back when she was first spotted in August of 2016. And I guess she keeps coming back year after year.

And she's not the only one.

Many white sharks return to the Cape Cod waters season after season. And this is moving season for the sharks.

Sightings are likely to start rising through the month of July with peak shark activity from August through October.

We all knew they were coming, but now we know they are indeed here.

So get ready for plenty of Cape Cod shark stories all summer long.

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