Now that the Cranston nightclub has closed, it's popular giant shark is up for grabs.

Recently the 25-foot shark, once on display at the Mardi Gras Multi Club in Cranston, showed up in the Facebook marketplace.

And apparently for just $1,000, this thing could be yours.

Sharon Ruhle Facebook

Why someone wants it and what in the world they would do with it, I just can't imagine.

Unless another nightclub is looking to decorate in similar there an actual purpose for this shark?

I guess over 80 people think so, because that's how many offers there have already been for the giant memento.

The seller told WPRI that the boat that once sat next to the shark in Mardi Gras has already been given away and the palm trees that sit out front will soon go up for sale as well.

Mardi Gras closed it's doors for good after 28 years in business last November.

No word on how many more mementos from the night club will eventually be sold off to former club goers.

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