September’s Coming! Make Dance Part of Your Child’s Routine!

It’s that time of year! For many parents,” it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” (I can even hear the music playing in the background). The summer is ending, the kids are heading back to school and for many families, and the structure of the school year is a welcoming switch.

How many times have you heard that kids need routine? I hear it from my mother, my daughter’s pediatrician and quite frankly, it does makes sense. Predictability seems to be calming to most children and helps to decrease power struggles and reduces stress when they know what to expect on a regular basis.

However, not all “routines” should be as unpleasant as homework and chores. As parents, it’s important to recognize our child’s interests and passions and incorporate those into their routines as well. Looking forward to their karate class, music lesson or dance class helps children forge through the daily chores with fewer struggles.

If your child has a passion for dance, visit FUN 107’s Local Expert on Dance, Gotta Dance Studio during their Open House Registration on September 7th from 12p – 4p. Gotta Dance Studio, 651 Orchard Street, Suite 205, New Bedford. Or like them on Facebook!