Apparently McDonald's want to make fast food even faster!

We've all gone to McDonald's ordered a burger with maybe no pickles or something with a large fry and maybe a diet coke. Then you get your order and it's two burgers with only pickles no fries but a pack of nuggets that no one ordered. It's happened to all of us, the dreaded fast food order fiascos. Well McDonald's is trying to make things a little easier, faster and more accurate with their new self-service kiosks.

According to Fall River Reporter, The McDonald's on President Ave in Fall River is one of the first to add one of the new luxurious kiosks. The kiosks are obviously touch screen, because they wouldn't be cool if they weren't. McDonald's plans to add them to 2,500 locations.

So head out to Fall River if you want your fast food faster than fast.




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