We've been working on a big project with something we all love: food. Join us for Seize the Deal SouthCoast Restaurant Week from November 2 - November 9. 

If you listen to any of the shows on Fun 107, you know how much we all love eating. We are super lucky to live in an area that gives us access to the best food in Massachusetts and who are so willing to get involved with things that then benefits you as a listener.

Starting on November 2, we will be hosting the Michael Rock Show each morning from a new restaurant and B-Mo will be hosting his show from an entirely different restaurant each afternoon. Not only is this great news for our stomachs, but it's also great news for you; all of the restaurants involved in Restaurant Week will be doing a Seize the Deal on the day we are there for our shows. Which means you can get our full reviews of the food and buy certificates for as much as half off.

Our schedule is as follows:


Our first deal for Carmine's Italian Ristorante will go live on Friday, November 2 at 5 p.m. You can find all the details at Seize the Deal and stay tuned to the Fun 107 Facebook for extended information about each deal, each day.

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