Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports has become the knight in shining armor for small businesses during the pandemic. As of Wednesday morning, Portnoy and his team have raised over $35 million to help small businesses survive. Without his efforts, too many mom-and-pop shops would have crumbled under the pressure of 2020, and Portnoy has stayed true to his promise of lending a hand to businesses in need.

It’s exciting to see so many small businesses get a helping hand, but it’s even more special to see a small business in our own backyard get the help they deserve. David Alburn, Operations Manager at Seekonk Speedway, received the call he had been waiting for: Portnoy is going to help.

David Alburn spoke with Michael and Maddie about his recent chat with El Presidente:

Alburn knew it was a long shot, but he sent out a video to The Barstool Fund, applying for the help, and within a day, Barstool got in touch to say that Seekonk Speedway was under consideration. The day after, Barstool gave the word that Dave would be receiving a phone call.

Alburn shared the history of the track with Portnoy and explained that without races open to the public, there was no revenue. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of celebrating the 75th year of Seekonk Speedway racing, Alburn had to close his doors. Because of this setback, Alburn’s business suffered dramatically.

One of the biggest reasons for the speedway having to close its gates was that there were only 10 races held there in 2020, all of which had no fans in the stands because of the pandemic guidelines for the state.
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After hearing his story, Portnoy and The Barstool Fund with be granting Seekonk Speedway $15,000 to help with payroll and opening expenses.

“I’m the operations manager, but it’s also a family operated business, and I’m the family. I’m third generation," Alburn said. "It brings a big smile on my face. I definitely want to see the success of my family business that my grandfather started.”

Alburn’s love and commitment to the business were clear. He refused to paint a picture that didn’t have the speedway in it and never lost faith that he and his family could pull through this. Thanks to David Portnoy and The Barstool Fund, Seekonk Speedway has a fighting chance.

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