It's starting to feel like spring on the SouthCoast, and you may feel inclined to swing by McDonald's and grab an ice cream cone.

There's truly no feeling like walking inside the restaurant of the golden arches, thinking of nothing but that sweet vanilla soft serve flavor on a sugar cone. You wait for your turn and finally step up to the counter, feeling so much anticipation, only to hear those six dreaded words: "Our ice cream machine is broken."

You're filled with despair, left to do the walk of shame out of the restaurant without your glorious cone.

Never again.

Thanks to a pair of brothers named Rashiq and Mudassar, you can check which McDonald's ice cream machines are broken before you go, all from one central website.

Rashiq launched the website, aptly named 'McBroken,' in October of 2020 after reverse-engineering McDonald's internal system. He and Mudassar now maintain the website, updating ice cream machines' status across the country as they change.

In our experience, the website has been accurate. At the time of publishing, the ice cream machine at the McDonald's on Winthrop Street in Taunton was broken. We called and it indeed was not working, although the location is expecting to have the machine replaced soon.

You may not want to put every ounce of your faith in McBroken just yet, though. Machine statuses are not updated to the minute, so while they may fairly accurate, there's no guarantee your specific location's machine will still be working by the time you get there. If you want to be 100 percent sure before you pack the kids in the car and make the trip to your local McDonald's, go ahead and give them a call.

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