This past Saturday night, the Spooky Southcoast crew held a Legend Trips event at Slater Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and it was a spooktacular evening with some pretty intriguing happenings.

We basically take over a historic haunted location for a night, provide the attendees with dinner and lectures on both the paranormal and the history of the location, and then set out for hours of guided ghost hunting with some of the coolest paranormal tech available. To date, we've raised almost $26,000 to benefit these places, which to me is far more important than any paranormal activity we've encountered--but Slater Mill didn't disappoint in either regard.

Courtesy of Frank C. Grace/Trig Photography

On a hot and steamy evening, I was positioned in the Sylvanus Brown house. Built in 1758, the house was moved to the Slater Mill property in 1962 and has been fully restored to how it may have looked back when Samuel Slater himself reportedly spent his first few nights in Rhode Island in the home back in 1789.

Courtesy of Frank C. Grace/Trig Photography

As the first few groups spent time in the Brown house, little bits and pieces of activity were taking place. Someone was touched, another communicated through the use of dowsing rods, and a few other assorted happenings took place, but nothing really overt.

That all changed with the last group of the night.

We were utilizing some interesting pieces of equipment during this session. We had two K-II meters, which measure fluctuations in the electromagnetic field and give a visual display of their intensity through colored lights (the theory being that a spirit manifesting requires energy, and therefore a spike in EMF will result as it gathers said energy). There was also a REM Pod, which essentially does the same thing, and I was utilizing an app on my tablet called EchoVox, which is programmed with phonetic sounds that spirits can manipulate to communicate.

What interests me most about this session is that we were getting direct responses to our questions and requests, and they were almost instantaneous. A lot of paranormal investigating is just sitting around waiting for things to happen, but this was a solid block of non-stop activity.

Below is the video of our experience with the last group, which I had been streaming via the Periscope app, which is why you'll hear me answering questions that originally appeared on the screen but don't carry over to the recording. WARNING: May contain some language not suitable for work, or for young children (I can't help it, I have a foul mouth sometimes when investigating). My favorite moment comes around the 17-minute mark, when the alleged spirit directly responds to a request not once but twice:

Was there definitely a spirit (or spirits) interacting with us that night at Slater Mill? I can't say for sure. But there definitely seemed to be some kind of intelligence interacting with us. Skeptics will tell you we were just looking to believe and fitting the circumstances around that belief, but I feel as if there were too many "coincidences" for them to be just that.

Here's another video that was put together by one of the attendees that night, filmmaker Matthew Bleistein:

LegendTrips SlaterMill from Matthew Bleistein on Vimeo.

So what do you think? Could you spend the night hunting for ghosts in a haunted location?

Because in addition to more great Legend Trips events, we've also got something really special planned for this October. Are you afraid of what lurks in the dark? Well get ready to Face Your Fears...but that's all I can say for now. Stay tuned!