A salon owner in Tampa, Florida opened up her salon and her heart to homeless women in the area, because she used to know exactly how it felt to be homeless.

Vanessa Howard, owner of The Giving Hands Beauty Salon in Tampa, used to be homeless with three kids.  She says 'having no dignity and no hope' is what has inspired her.  She didn't really have the money to open up a salon, but what she did have was faith and passion.

Howard was determined to give back, and she has.  She takes in seven homeless women a month and gives them "A Day of Beauty", which is exactly what you would think, a full day of getting beautified at the salon, that would typically run about $300 bucks.  She even did a 'Back to School' day, where she rewarded young girls who were on the honor roll, with a spa day free of charge.  All in all, she's helped about 50 homeless women and young girls so far.  She also notes that 95% of these homeless women have gone on to get jobs.  Great news!

Vanessa admits that her business could be doing better, but that she's more focused on giving back right now.  She now has five daughters and they, along with other volunteers, all help out at the salon giving 'Days of Beauty' to less fortunate ladies.