Everyone's heard of Batman, but soon we'll all know Batwoman.

According to FOX News, Ruby Rose will star in a new series on the CW. She'll be playing Kate Kane, otherwise known as Batwoman. Batwoman will serve as the first openly gay lead in a superhero TV series.

Rose herself has expressed how thrilled about the role, and what it means to her and the LGBT community.

Personally, I think it's great. As someone who grew up not seeing a lot of African American superheros, I know what it was like to seemingly feel unrepresented in that world. I was obviously not alone in that feeling, as many in the African American community have expressed the importance of the rise of the Black Panther Marvel film. I'm sure this series will play a similar role in the LGBT community.

Batwoman will be a part of the shared DC world on CW, which includes Green Arrow, Supergirl, the Flash, Black Lightning and more.


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