Some people are just born with an entrepreneurial spirit. This aspiring fisherman from New Bedford wants to make some money to support his dream, so he created his own fishing clinic, and he’s only nine years old.

Noah Alban has loved fishing since he was three. Whether he catches anything or not, fishing is his happy place. When he’s not fishing, you’ll find him watching fishing shows and planning out his next fishing trip.

His mother, Shannen, is amazed at how dedicated he is to fishing.

“I think it’s therapeutic for him," she said. Mom calls him “Master Fisher Boy because this kid is so awesome, he will fish with full-grown men and catch twice and many fish and bigger fish. He has caught hundreds of fish at this point.”

Shannen Alban via Facebook

From largemouth bass to flounder, Noah is already boasting an impressive fish roster, but his dream is to embark on a fishing expedition like he sees on TV and expand his list. He’s only cast from shore or from the dock, and he’s ready to broaden his fishing skills but doesn’t have quite enough in his piggy bank.

Shannen Alban via Facebook

With the help of his mom, he made a sign, advertising a “1 on 1 fishing clinic” for $20, so he could share his passion for fishing and get one step closer to his dream of being on the open ocean.

Mom happily reports that there have been “lots of inquiries…he taught an adorable seven-year-old the other day and the boy caught his first bass! They were very happy with the 1 on 1 clinic and posted a recommendation after."

When I was nine, the only business I was running was my imaginary baked good store, thanks to my Easy-Bake Oven. I am so impressed by Noah for following his passion and implementing a plan to make his dream a reality.

If you are interested in a lesson or would just like to support a boy with a dream, call the phone number listed above. Good luck, Noah!

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