The house that civil-rights icon Rosa Parks lived in in Detroit will soon be on display in Providence.

Brown University says that Parks' former home is currently in Berlin, Germany but will be back stateside by spring 2018.

The three-bedroom home was set to be demolished, but Park's niece bought the home from the Detroit Land Bank Authority for $500.

She then donated the historic home to artist Ryan Mendoza who had it taken apart and shipped to his home in Berlin and reassembled in his own backyard.

And now it is heading back to the United States.

Anthony Bogues, director of Brown University’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice was reportedly contacted by Mendoza back in August, asking if the Ivy League school would be interested in displaying the home for a three-month stint before it made it's way to an undisclosed, permanent location in the U.S.

And of course they said yes.

Though Brown didn't have a building big enough to hold the house, they reached out to WaterFire Arts Providence who had just what they were looking for.

The plan is to put the house inside a warehouse building at 475 Valley St in Providence and have it on display for the public.

The Rosa Parks house should arrive in Providence in late February and leave in early June.

When during that time frame people will be able to visit it remains unknown at this time.

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