The most unconventional screening of "Rocky Horror" yet was hosted at Lincoln Center.

On Friday night, 2,000 spectators gathered to watch "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

But the observers of the event experienced something completely different than the moviegoers.

At the screening, the audience of the movie all wore wireless headsets that glowed different colors and played the movie's audio.  The result of this 'silent' showing was a fun, festive, and goofy.

The idea of the 'silent' showing came about when the acting director at Lincoln Center, Ms. Sternheimer, was looking for a way to play 'Rocky Horror' but still respect the noise ordinance that prohibits amplified noise after ten. She also wanted a unique way to show this unconventional film.

The show also featured a floor showing with actors who spoke certain lines though the headphones of the audience and acted the show out below the screen.

The echoes of stomping to the time warp could be heard by observers passing by  Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center Friday night while the unique showing of " The Rocky Horror Picture Show" was a huge success.

Additional Reporting by Kiah Heron