With the New Year rolling in, you may be looking at ways to become more active or switch up your routine from 2016. Sarah from Well + Fit suggests sweating it out with a friend with this coupon.


If you've ever had a gym buddy, you know how awesome it can be to have a partner to push you during workouts. But at Well + Fit in Mattapoisett, you and your buddies can take over the WHOLE gym! Need a refresher on the benefits of small groups training?

1. More economical – Personal training provides the most personal attention and greatest opportunity to succeed. Small group training, which includes up to four participants, is a cost effective way to work with a trainer and get the attention you need. With group sessions as low as $13 each, there’s just no excuse!

2. Variety – By working out at Well + Fit, your workouts will evolve as you progress, preventing you from hitting a plateau and boredom. We promise to never give you the same workout twice!

3. Camaraderie – Let’s face it, people love company. When people start exercising in a group, they establish relationships and make friends with other people in the group — helping them become regular participants and stay on track.

4. Motivation – Having someone exercising right beside you can push you a little harder than you might do on your own.

5. Support – Both the trainer and the other participants are there to help you get through the challenges of the workout and even the obstacles in life.

6. Greater focus – There’s no time to let your mind wander with a trainer keeping you going and watching your every move.

7. Fun – Yes, fun. The right exercise program done with friends can definitely be fun!

8. Adherence – Research shows that members that are involved in group programs are more likely stick with it.

With all the previously listed benefits, how could you not want to keep coming back?

For more information on small group training, private training, or nutritional coaching, visit wellandfittraining.com or email wellandfittraining@gmail.com

Be well, Get fit. and use this little gift from Sarah to try her studio!

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