Some Rochester residents were concerned after reports that two fake Eversource trucks may have been casing ritzy neighborhoods in the town.

Earlier this week, Alison Noyce wrote on her Facebook page that two trucks with Eversource logos pulled into her driveway on Gerrish Road on Tuesday night and rang the doorbell. When her 15-year-old son answered the door, she said the two men told the boy that the family's energy bill was past due and that they had to make some adjustments to their meter.

Alison said the family was not behind on their Eversource bill and was concerned that something fishy may be going on, so she immediately called the company. When Eversource told her that they had not sent anyone to her house and that none of their trucks were doing any work in the area, she became nervous and called police.

Rochester Police Chief Robert Small says she did exactly the right thing.

"That's the smart thing to do," said Small. "Definitely call the company if you have any doubt."

An officer was sent out to Gerrish Road Tuesday night to see if they could find the trucks in question, but they were unsuccessful.

Small says one of his officers did some follow up work on the case yesterday and pieced together what happened.

As it turns out, Rochester Police say there was a miscommunication between Eversource dispatch and their street team.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time, that would have answered the question, but there was just a disconnect this one time" that caused some alarm, he said.

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