Atticus Sherry is enjoying his summer vacation in Rochester just like any other school-aged boy. He's excited that the Sherry family has a new swimming pool. He's also excited, however, about a new business he's launched to start saving for college at the age of six. Yes, you read that correctly. Atticus is six.

Listen to Atticus' interview this morning on the Rock and Fox Show.

Atticus is an incoming first grader at Rochester Memorial School, and he already has his very own business. He sells his family's farm fresh eggs in his yard. He has 14 chickens and 2 roosters in his yard. His favorite is named Hopper.

We almost fell off our chairs when Atticus told us why he started his egg business. He wanted to get a jumpstart on saving for college. That's right, this little guy was already thinking about college and the financial strains it might bring while he's still in the single digits.

Atticus told us when customers show up to his Hiller Road home, he goes outside to his backyard where the chickens are held in pens, grabs a dozen eggs, and uses the egg washer to clean them, then places them in the carton.

How will Atticus use his college education when he grows up? Without hesitation he told us that he wanted to be a magician. He told us that he's saved over $220 and that he doesn't want to spend his money on toys. He wants to use his money towards "investments." We can't imagine the kind of bank this kid will have when he reaches 12!

You can buy eggs from Atticus at his home. The address is 77 Hiller Road in Rochester.