There is a beautiful woodland oasis hiding in plain sight in Massachusetts. The Garden in the Woods is a natural refuge tucked away in the middle of Framingham.

Only in Your State claims that “filled with exotic plants and flowers, this spot is a living museum of the most beautiful flora this state has to offer.”

With an entrance like this, I’d feel like I was entering into the fairytale realm of fairies. That Bridge to Terabithia movie has NOTHING on this place.

Get lost in the botanical garden as foliage completely surrounds you.

Stroll through two miles of breath-taking paths to enjoy the 45 acres of beautiful scenery.

Take a moment to stop and smell all the flowers that are maintained by the New England Wild Flower Society.

Probably not a bad idea to check this place out, if only for the epic Instagram photos to make all your friends jealous.

So. Much. GREEN!

Garden in the Woods is located at 180 Hemenway Road, Framingham, MA. It's about an hour and a half away from our station here in Fairhaven.

You can visit this woodland paradise between 10 am and 5 pm from April 16 to October 15.

Adults = $12
Seniors 65+ = $9
Between the ages of 3 and 17 = $6
Children under 3 = FREE
*50% discount for active military servicemen and women, as well as veterans.

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