PVDounts is famous for their crazy amazing donut selections that change each month and in January, they're adding a malasada donut to the menu. 

If you've never been to PVDonuts, take it from someone who has made the drive to Providence just about every month, and GO. They alternate their menu each month so you can always try something new and their menus typically have themes. Like their 90's menu that featured Zebra Cake and Dunkaroo donuts.

This month, they announced their January menu and while there's no set theme, there was one donut that certainly caught my eye: the malasada donut.

Because they only returned from their holiday hiatus yesterday, I haven't seen a picture of the malasada donut, but I can bet it's incredible. And donut worry - they do have flourless and vegan donuts if you have some food sensitivities. Pro-tip: go on Thursdays. They have their famous Dunkaroo donuts on the menu every Thursday, in addition to their monthly menu.

And if you're like me and want a donut tower at your wedding or baby shower, you can have them create a custom one for you.

Follow PVDonuts on IG here - it's totally drool-worthy.


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