From our radio station here in Fairhaven, it takes about four hours to get to this corn maze in Danville, VT. The Great Vermont Corn Maze is the largest in New England, with TWENTY-FOUR ACRES of 10-foot tall corn stalks!

The Great Vermont Corn Maze is open seven days a week at 10 am (weather permitting). The biggest maze takes about two and a half hours on average to solve, so they suggest not showing up after 1. Otherwise, you will NOT have enough time to solve the puzzle before they have to start closing it down. Don't be discouraged if you have to start over...more than once.

Maze runner / giphy .com

If the big maze seems way out of your league (no one could blame you), feel free to stroll through the "scenic maze," for a more leisurely afternoon.

They even have a barn filled with cute little animals to pet before/after the maze.