This might be some of the best BBQ I've had in my entire life. 

Abby | TSM
Abby | TSM

My boyfriend and I went out to Providence last night with no real plan other than to walk around and try somewhere new to eat. We did a lap up and down Thayer St. when we walked by Durk's and decided to try it out. It honestly might have been the best food I've had in a long time...and I eat A LOT.

At Durk's, everything is served family-style. So you get a menu, check off the boxes of what you want, then it's served with platters for everyone at the table to share. You can pick from things like brisket, pork bellies, chicken legs, mac n' cheese, cornbread, nachos, potato wedges, cole slaw, and more. We ordered pulled pork, pork bellies, nachos with brisket, cornbread, slaw, and wedges. There was so much food and honestly, everything was delicious. I even tried the pork belly and it was incredible.

The drink menu was also super impressive - most beers were $2 or $3 and they even had several whiskey flights to choose from.

Durk's also has a full bar, take-out service, and outdoor seating so it's a good stop for a summer night if you want to dine al fresco. We don't go out to Providence super often (like less than two times a year) but I would go back once a month just to go to Durk's.

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