The Burgundian: Coffee and Waffles are going mobile with a British double-decker bus!

Currently, the Burgundian serve their INSANE waffle creations at farmer's markets, pop-up shops, and local breweries. They launched a kick-starter campaign to raise money to be able to convert their very own little "cafe" - except it's going to be a restored double-decker British bus.

Almost 300 people helped the Burgundians raise $30,000 so they can start renovating their bus, which they've already purchased.

If the thought of gourmet waffles isn't enough to get you excited, here are a few of their custom creations:

Burgundian Cafe | IG
Burgundian Cafe | IG

I don't think I really need to say more...They also have "Waffoughnuts" so basically, I think I just fell in love. Those are waffle-doughnuts, for anyone who hasn't stopped drooling since the Sweet Rhody description.

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