We’ve all experienced some level of road rage in our lives. Sometimes it's us with the short fuse and sometimes it’s another party, but what I witnessed over the weekend was almost unbelievable.

It was enough for me to pull over and get myself involved when the safety of a female driver seemed to be at stake.

On Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were headed to a cookout. As we approached Natick Avenue, adjacent to the Warwick Mall, we noticed two vehicles stopped with the two drivers and one other outside of the cars. As I drove by, I saw an older gentleman aggressively pointing his finger at a young woman who seemed to be the cause of a fender bender.

But it didn’t stop there.

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In a fit of rage, the man turned away and repeatedly punched the hood of the woman's car. My stomach sank, and so did my husband’s. We immediately turned around and pulled behind the young woman’s car.

I couldn’t bring myself to keep driving. I had to make sure she was OK. I parked my car, put on my hazard lights and approached the young girl.

I have never seen someone shake so uncontrollably in my life.

I asked her if she was OK, and as we locked eyes, she began to cry and shake even harder. I brought her closer to my car, praying that the man would not follow.

The older man was about to follow, but when he saw my husband, he thought otherwise and went back to his vehicle.

Two other bystanders also walked over to check on the young woman and make sure the man stayed in his car.

Come to find out, the young woman was only 16 and had bumped into the gentleman’s car at a stop light.

I didn’t witness the accident, but from what I saw, the damage was minimal and the gentleman’s behavior was completely out of line. I wouldn’t be surprised if his hammer fists onto her car caused more damage than the silly fender bender.

Big or small, accidents are stressful, but violent rage is never a justifiable response. The silver lining was seeing a bunch of strangers come together to protect a young driver.

I didn’t catch her name, but I hope she made it to work OK, and I hope that man gets a flat tire. Or four.

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