If you tuned into Thursday Night Football hoping to see Rihanna in the opening, you were probably disappointed tonight.

CBS Sports made some last minute changes to the opening segment of the game in light of the Ray Rice video release and its surrounding controversy.

The opening was supposed to feature Rihanna singing "Run This Town" while Don Cheadle hyped up the two teams playing and asks who will "run this town" by the time the game is over.

Instead fans saw commentator James Brown introduce CBS News anchor Scott Pelley who did a quick recap of Thursday’s news relating to the investigation into the NFL’s handling of Rice’s case.

Of course the Ravens were one of the teams playing, so discussing the current Rice situation was certainly going to happen. But what do you think about Rihanna getting the boot from the open this week?

Some felt it had to do with CBS not wanting to feature another celebrity who was involved in a high-profile domestic violence incident. But CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus simply says, "We thought journalistically and from a tone standpoint, we needed to have the appropriate tone coverage."

CBS Sports say the planned opening segment with Rihanna singing and Don Cheadle talking will return next week, but did it need to be removed in the first place? Think they made the right move?

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