There's an unorthodox event coming to Boston this Summer that's serving up fun, music, and yes- pickleball.

You read that correctly, plans for a pickleball festival are currently in the works and making their way to Fenway Park. Although there is not a date set yet, there will be a first come first serve reservation that will be open to the public.

The best part is you don't have to be a professional pickleball player, as this event is aimed towards the amateur groups who are looking to just have fun, get in some outdoor exercise, vibe to good music, and enjoy a tasty meal. Pickleball is sweeping the nation and Fenway Park is about to put the rapidly growing sport on the map.

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According to The Boston Globe, Fenway Park will be transforming the field into 12 pickleball courts that will take up the entirety of the outfield for about three days or so while the Red Sox aren't occupying the grounds.

Pickleball4America is picking up the tab on this event as part of the ballpark series with the only other venue being Oracle Park in San Francisco. The craze for this sport is growing by the day as it combines tennis with ping pong in an all-in-one cardio-induced sport. This will be the first of what Pickleball4America hopes to be many pickleball festivals within the Boston baseball arena.

More details will be reported as they become present, but for now, practice your backswing and be sure to keep out of the kitchen (if you know you know).

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