A new reality show on Hulu features a single dad from Rhode Island looking for love. But can he find it on reality TV?

Monday night, Hulu started streaming new dating show Back in the Groove. The concept is loosely based on How Stella Got Her Groove Back and features three women in their 40s getting back in the dating game in a houseful of men aged 22-32 who typically date older women.

One of those men is 28-year-old Robert DellaVentura, a single dad hailing from Cranston, Rhode Island.


If you watched the first episode, you probably missed Robert. The quiet dad never made a real appearance on the show, though the ladies must have seen something they liked because he did make the first round of cuts and got to stick around at the hotel.

How long he lasts is anyone's guess, because from the look of his Instagram, Robert is not quite the party animal some of the other contestants seem to be.

Most of Robert's posts are of himself and his 8-year-old son Logan. There are lots of pictures of the things they do together and they certainly make him seem like a pretty sweet guy.

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But can a sweet guy make it on reality TV?

Like many other reality dating shows out there, things get competitive fast and the contestants can be pretty intense.

You can stream new episodes of 'Back in the Groove" every night this week to see how DellaVentura's time on the show goes.

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