I remember when my kids were little, they both had their special stuffed animals and toys that they wanted to bring with them wherever we went. My daughter had "Giraffy," a handmade stuffed giraffe that was made by her grandmother. My son had a little Diego action figure.  "Where'd my Diego go?" was asked a minimum of about 400 times a day when he was about two years old.

The problem was that the kids wanted to take these things with them to the store, on walks, on vacation – wherever we were, they wanted the little toys with them. If you are a parent, you know the panic of misplacing one of these toys while you are not at home. It is horrifying because you know the living hell you'll have to live through if the toy becomes permanently lost.

That's why when I saw these two SouthCoast stuffed animals that had been separated from their families, I felt the need to try to help.

Courtesy Ann Bryant Weaver
Courtesy Ann Bryant Weaver

The first misplaced stuffed animal is a bunny that was found washed up on Crescent Beach in Mattapoisett. What's interesting about this bunny is that it could belong to a local Mattapoisett child, or it could have been lost years ago and floated in from Europe. Judging from the looks of it, though, it is still in pretty good shape. We are hoping it is a local family that will be reunited with their bunny.

Courtesy of Gayle Boston-Santello
Courtesy Gayle Boston-Santello

The second misplaced stuffed animal is a fox that was found at Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven. Someone who cares propped the fox up in a tree so that it would have more visibility.

If you know that family that lost one of these stuffed animals, please feel free to send me an email at rock@fun107.com.

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