Normally, Day 2 of New England Patriots training camp isn't much for making news. But all that changed on Friday when a reporter asked head coach Bill Belichick if there was any chance Jimmy Garappolo could supplant incumbent starting quarterback Tom Brady, should the third-year backup play well in his four games under center filling in for the suspended Brady.

Belichick, who had already dismissed the potential for a quarterback controversy on Thursday when he said Brady would start Game 5, clearly took issue with the question, stating, "Look, I told you what's going to happen," before uttering "Jesus Christ" under his breath.

The reporter--who remained mostly anonymous as he was skewered all over the internet by Patriots fans and sports media members alike--actually turned out to be my old friend Dave Brown, who covered the Patriots with me for a few years back when he was with The Standard-Times. Now, he's writing for the Concord Monitor, and on just his second day on the job has been called everything from "stupid" to "a nincompoop," with some talk show hosts even calling for him to have his media credentials revoked for asking such a question.

Well, it turns out Dave knew full well what he was doing when he asked the question, which was for this piece.

Dave joined me on my Saturday morning show to discuss why he asked the question, why he feels some media members shy away from asking certain questions of Belichick, and whether or not he thinks there really is a chance Brady could lose his job to Jimmy G:

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