Lots of us have the travel bug but with all the restrictions, traveling hasn't been easy or in some cases even possible. So it's time to get creative and check out some of the local gems.

Maybe I'm late to the idea but how cool would it be to stay in a lighthouse? I have always found them intriguing and cool but never thought to actually sleep in one.

In Pocasset, you can stay at the Wings Neck Lighthouse. Don't worry, this place has all the necessities, including WiFi, so your teenagers won't freak out. It has a washer and dryer, swings, bikes and even an outdoor shower. Where do I sign up?

After checking out the website for all the important info I did come across some rates. At first, I was sticker shock but then I thought, f you took your family on a plane to a resort somewhere it would easily cost you double the lighthouse's most expensive rate.

There are plenty of great reviews on this spot but I'm pretty sure its location and views will speak for themselves.

So maybe it's time to squeeze in a last-minute escape before figuring out what the kids are going to do for school come fall.  his would not only be a neat escape but possibly an educational one as well.

As if you needed more reasons to book it.

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