Look! Someone built a barn-home around this giant wine rack and it's for sale!


Move the gang to the countryside for the new year. Farmhouse looks are still all the rage right now and this Rehoboth home takes it one step further by literally being the farm-iest of all buildings - a barn!

coldwell bankers 239 homestead 1

It's got 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a whole lotta land for your outdoor activities.  It's only two years old and had all of the new fancy things people look for in homes like granite counters, open floor plans, an office, skylights and french doors that open onto a private balcony.

But like all dream homes, this one had an enormous wine rack right in the kitchen. In fact, it was too big to fit in the photo.

coldwell bankers 239 homstead 2

Living in a barn sounds like something we could get down with, and it almost feels like destiny after all the time's mom yelled "Do you think you live in a barn?!" when we were growing up.

See all of the photos of this listing here.

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