If you think that owning and operate a lemonade stand is just what your child needs to learn about what it takes to earn money- this is the program for you!  Lemonade Day is a free program for kids in Greater Fall River community and to get started, you just need to register here.

Once you've registered to be part of Greater Fall River Lemonade Day, you'll receive an email about picking up your entrepreneur backpack.  This back contains two workbooks- one to help your child learn about the process of owning their own business and one workbook to help you guide them through it! Plus!  It has tons of great offers from our sponsors that will help young business leaders.

Bring your registration confirmation to Greater Fall River RE-CREATION, located on 72 Bank Street in Fall River to pick up your backpack Monday-Friday, 9am - 6pm. Find them on Facebook here.

Once you've picked up your backpacks, join our Greater Fall River Lemonade Day Facebook page here to get details, tips and videos to help you build your business!

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