Mark this one under how NOT to celebrate when your team wins a division.

After the Red Sox clinched the division at Yankee Stadium in New York, Red Sox fans were obviously ready to celebrate. One 24-year-old New Hampshire man took his celebration a bit too far which has lead to his death.

Michael Vigeant of Hudson attempted to "train surf." Unfortunately he came in contact with an electrical wire, as he was trying to climb out of the train car and up on to the roof. A train crew member found him and he was transported to the hospital, but couldn't make it, according to CBS.

Obviously, this is probably the least intelligent thing you can do after a game. That's not a joke or sarcasm. I'm serious. As the Red Sox aim to close out a historic season and head into the playoffs please keep this in mind. Celebrating is amazing and fun, but let's all try to be smart.

Let's act like we've been there before, because we have. Boston is blessed to have won a lot of things recently, and the celebrations have been largely tragedy-free. Let's try and keep it that way and all enjoy what looks to be a fun ride ahead for the Sox in the playoffs.

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