If we're being honest, a heat wave in New England is not that rare. We usually get at least one per summer (if not more) and struggle to keep cool while they are happening.

But the excessive heat bearing down on the SouthCoast this week actually is pretty rare, according to ABC 6 Chief Meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers.

Technically, a heat wave for the SouthCoast means any string of three days in a row of 90-degree air temperature. The 'feels-like' temp means nothing when it comes to a heat wave in New England and as Desnoyers pointed out, neither does humidity.

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So, it's all about the heat and nothing but the heat. And that's just what we are getting for the foreseeable future in our neck of the woods. Lots of excessive heat.

So why is this heat so rare?

Desnoyers says what's rare is "how long it will last.

"We rarely put six to seven days together of 90-degree-plus heat. That very well will be the case for most of the area."


Buckle up, SouthCoast, it's going to get gross for about the next week. Soaring temperatures, packed beaches and lots of moody people, because the heat makes grumps of us all.

It doesn't all have to be bad, however. There are ways to keep your house from becoming a hotbox during the excessive heat. Plus, plenty of foods out there can help keep you cool from the inside out. Not to mention all the newly renovated theaters in our area, offering free air conditioning and big comfy recliners to enjoy it in.

However you need to make it happen, just be sure to literally stay cool this week.

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