You know I travel a lot. Having a part-time job flying the friendly skies, you tend to see a lot of things in a lot of different cities. Nothing should surprise me anymore.

Sitting in the Fun 107 studios, minding our own business, we saw this pull up and park in the parking lot. I looked twice because I wasn't quite sure I saw it correctly the first time.


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I saw a black pick-up truck with three sort-of miniature animal statues standing in the bed, staring at me. The most obvious was a giant moose, almost life-size, with his antlers removed. Next was some mystery animal in a burlap sack. Its silhouette leads me to think it's an elephant, trunk up. The last animal staring at me from the bed of this mystery truck was a little lion.

There are a lot of questions here:

–Why are there two circus animals with one forest animal?

–Why are three animals in the bed of this pick-up truck at all?

–Where are they going? Where are they from?

–Where is the driver of this truck and why was he like, oh, cool, let me go in for a sit-down dinner here while my animals just hang out in my truck?

If anyone can chime in here and tell me more about this circus wagon I saw, or maybe send me photos because surely, someone else took one, too. I want to know.

I mean, someone else must have seen this thing on the highway.

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