Remember the good old days when a crooked mayor was the biggest news out there?

Unfortunately, times have rapidly changed, but that doesn't mean the rest of the country isn't interested in how a 23-year-old went from being a Fall River City Councilor to Fall River Mayor to the subject of an FBI sting operation.

The Jasiel Correia docuseries Run This City will make its debut on a brand new platform, Quibi, that is expected to launch on Monday. It bills itself as "Quick Bites. Big Stories" promising that all of their content will be 10 minutes or less.

Courtesy Quibi

You might want to use your 90-day free trial of the brand new streaming platform to check out the docuseries. You'll see many familiar locations in and around the City of Fall River.  You'll hear the story of Fall River's most infamous mayor told by many familiar voices. Apparently, one of those familiar voices is mine!

Courtesy Quibi

I wasn't aware until Gazelle pointed it out to me, but my voice appears 17 seconds into the Run This City trailer. I'm not going to lie, the hashtag #NetflixFamous instantly popped into my head, even though this special won't be available on Netflix.

Courtesy Quibi

In the trailer, there are some bold quotes from former Mayor Jasiel Correia that I hadn't yet heard him say. "If I'm doing something wrong, come and get me. Do it!" says Correia. "But I didn't do anything wrong."

Courtesy Quibi

There also seems to be exclusive footage of the mayor that seems to be shot in his home, so the documentary seemingly was shot with his permission and knowledge.

I'm innocent until I'm proven guilty. And I'm not going to be proven guilty. --Jasiel Correia

Run This City premieres on Quibi on Monday, April 20.

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