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Before the Clean-Air Act took effect, there were more than 500 wood stove manufacturers around the country. In 1985, almost all of them stopped making stoves rather than adapt to the more stringent regulations. Most of those that remained turned to catalytic combustion as a solution. But the company now called Quadra-Fire chose instead to look at wood burning in an entirely new way.

After nearly two years of research and development, founders Alan Trusler and Dan Henry developed and patented the Quadra-Burn system that burns and re-burns gases and smoke in four different zones of the firebox. The technology set a new standard for clean, fuel-efficient heating with wood. And because it is non-catalytic, the system does not degrade in performance over time. In fact, for the past 19 years, Quadra-Burn stoves have been the cleanest burning non-catalytic wood stoves tested by the EPA. This year, we will celebrate our 20th consecutive year!

Whether fueled by wood, gas, pellets or corn, each Quadra-Fire stove is designed with a mind toward efficiency and an eye toward beauty. They put great care into every product, using thick steel and design details that both enhance performance and keep the stove working for you day after day, for many, many years. Efficient, reliable, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly, Quadra-Fire is always the smart choice for alternative-energy home heating.

Luke and his team of experts can show you how to heat your home with economic and efficient alternatives. They understand how long the winters in New England can be. They carry top of the line Quadra Fire products and will handle everything from the sale, to installation and home service. For a more affordable and efficient alternative, call Acushnet Alternative Heating!

Quadra-Fire Products: Gas, Wood, Pellet and Corn Freestanding Stoves; Gas, Wood, Pellet and Corn Inserts; Gas, Wood and Pellet Fireplaces

Founded: 2006

Led by: Niemiec

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