Approximately 9 percent of electrical consumption in the state’s energy portfolio comes from renewable energy sources, according to a report published in the JD Supra Business Advisor. In Massachusetts roughly 600 MW of energy come from solar installations a number the state wants to boost to 1,600 MW by 2020.

As electricity prices continue to rise homeowners are increasingly viewing solar energy as a way they can reduce their overall energy costs.

Homeowners in Massachusetts have the advantage of purchasing energy bundles that will allow consumers to use solar power generated on their property, which can cover about 70 percent of a home’s electric needs, and have the remainder provided by a utility company.

Many consumers are turning to local companies like Acushnet Alternative Heating as they investigate their solar options. Before installation begins though Acushnet Alternative Heating will provide a free assessment, measuring, and proposal to learn what solar choice is best suited for their property. A study of the property will also let homeowners know what state and federal rebates may be available if they wish to go solar.

In addition to energy and cost savings Acushnet also says the panels can protect roofs from sun damage.

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