I had researched the process of going solar for years before I finally started calling around to get some quotes. We met with three different solar companies before finally settling on using Isaksen Solar in Fall River.

We decided to use Isaksen Solar for a few different reasons. I'd say the biggest reason was that we just seemed to click with the people. I like to do business in a certain way, and I could just sense the passion and dedication in Isaksen's game. I could tell that they truly believed in solar and what it can do for people. They were extremely honest and forthright, saying that solar isn't for everyone. It turned out, though, that solar was the perfect fit for the Rock family.

I also really liked that they were based in Fall River. If anything ever went wrong, I'd be dealing with people right here on the SouthCoast. I wouldn't have to be calling a random 1-800 number.

Nearly two years later, it is normal for us to receive "bills" in the mail from Eversource that show a balance in our favor. In other words, the power company owes us money each month. We just let the balance accumulate because we make significantly more energy in the summer months than in the winter. Think of us as squirrels, saving our energy credit for the winter.

Since COVID-19 hit in March, my family has been spending significantly more time at our home. All of us have been punching away at our devices; I wake up early and the kids stay up late. There's virtually always someone using power all day and night since March. I was fully expecting a massive power bill from Eversource. It never came.

On top of the fact that there are many months in which we make more energy than we use, we also get bonus checks from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It's part of a program designed to incentivize residents to go solar at their homes. We have made thousands of dollars each year, and the bonus checks will continue for a total of 10 years.

As tempting as it would be to use the money to go on a shopping spree, we are disciplined, and we take the money and put it right towards the balance of our solar panels. Our goal is to have the solar panels paid off two to three years from now. After that happens, we'll still receive those bonus checks and will be powering our home for free solar energy for as long as we live there. What a selling point that will be when we decide to move! Free energy? That's unheard of.

Nearly half of the balance on our solar panels was paid through a massive federal tax credit. Again, I strongly recommend taking the free money and paying down the debt on the panels.

The bottom line is that we are paying less monthly than we've ever paid at the house, and we're on our way to free energy. We couldn't be happier with Isaksen Solar. They under-promised and over-delivered. They were a perfect match for us.

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