If you haven't had a Home Energy Assessment done, I highly recommend getting one done soon.  You could qualify for free energy upgrades.

Brookhaven National Laboratory, flickr
Brookhaven National Laboratory, flickr

During our assessment,we received upgrades to our thermostat and swapped out light bulbs for energy efficient ones at no cost. We also are able to have blown in insulation and sealing done and the Mass Save program will cover up to $2,500.00.

One  of the things we qualified for was a boiler replacement.  Our boiler is over 40 years old and running at 60 % efficiency if we're lucky. If you currently have a boiler or furnace that is 30 years older or more, you could qualify for rebates up to $3,500.00. They also have 0% financing available. The rebate program ends  September 30th. All work and documentation must be in by then, so be sure to schedule a home assessment before then.

What this assessment can tell you:

  • If you need replacement windows
  • If you have an older furnace and should replace
  • If you need home insulation
  • If you qualify for central air installation
  • if you are available to upgrade thermostats and light bulbs

If you don't happen to qualify for upgrades or aren't sure, a great person to speak with is Luke at Alternative Heating in Acushnet. They're also working with special grants to install solar power and alternatives to traditional gas and oil heating. check them out here at their Local Expert Page!


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