The 2016 Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is going 'Green'!David Macedo, Chairman of the Building Committee, has confirmed that the Feast Grounds are getting a makeover to save energy by installing Solar Panels.

The committee hires students from G.N.B. Voc-Tech to assist each year in helping to make the Feast a success. They will be assisting in the installation of the Solar Panels and electric wiring. The Culinary students also play a key role in assisting with the food prep.

"This year's committee has done an exceptional job!" Macedo said, "They organized great entertainment that is already lined up and ready to go."

As an addition to the Solar Farm, the Feast Grounds have also started construction to expand the stage several feet outwards as a permanent structure as opposed to a temporary add-on. As a result, it will be sturdier and much more safer to the bands and acts who perform on it annually.


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