Brothers Alex Crisman of Taunton and Tony Sgro of Fall River have been working tirelessly to bring more resources to those who need them in their community. Last year, they launched a nonprofit called the Purpose Locker Foundation, and on Saturday, Oct. 29, they will open their locker for the very first time.

The Purpose Locker Foundation

On Christmas Day two years ago, Crisman and Sgro were reflecting on their upbringing and how their mother instilled a sense of giving in her sons.

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“We learned this from our mother,” Crisman said. “If someone needed a place to stay or a hot meal, she would do it. She was the neighborhood mom.”

In a way, Crisman and Sgro grew up wanting to be the neighborhood brothers and hoped to give back to their community in meaningful ways.

Last October, The Purpose Locker Foundation became an official nonprofit, aiming to create more access to necessary resources with a focus on hygiene products.

During their first year running a nonprofit, the brothers have been busy collecting items with the help of other organizations and kind people. Bridgewater State University and UMass Dartmouth each hosted drives for their foundation, allowing the Purpose Locker Foundation to collect hundreds and hundreds of dollars' worth of supplies in their first year.

All there was left to do was find a home for the locker.

After a year of searching, one gentleman in Attleboro stepped up, allowing the locker to become a reality.

Where to Find the Purpose Locker

Sgro was familiar with the gentleman who owned the Cameron Recovery Center on Falmouth Street in Attleboro, which is also home to a drywall company.  Steve Rollins jumped at the chance to help.

“He was more than excited to let us put the locker there,” Crisman said. “It was a surprise because we have had to fight for everything, but he was so happy to help.”

The very first Purpose Locker will unlock on Saturday, Oct. 291 to 5 p.m., at 68 Falmouth Street, Attleboro.

A Bright Future for The Purpose Locker

Crisman and Sgro grew up with giving hearts, and now, their dream of giving back on a bigger scale is finally coming true.

“When something takes this long, you never think it’s going to happen until it happens,” Crisman said. “It’s just another way to give back and it’s been so much hard work and dedication to get this going. We hope to help a lot of people along the way.”

If you know someone who needs help, make sure they know about this generous nonprofit and its grand opening on Oct. 29th.

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