Two brothers are gearing up to make a huge impact on the low-income and homeless community on the SouthCoast thanks to their brand-new non-profit organization called The Purpose Locker Foundation.

Alex Crisman of Taunton and Tony Sgro of Fall River were always taught to give back to others, and they are ready to give back in a big way.

“We were sitting around two Christmases ago and we started talking about how more and more people seemed to need help with clothes and supplies and that sort of thing,” Crisman said.

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The truth is, Crisman and Sgro have always been very tuned in to the community. They would often fill up their backpacks with hygiene products and pass them out around town.

“We definitely learned this from our mother,” Crisman said. “If someone needed a place to stay or a hot meal, she would do it. She was the neighborhood mom.”

After that conversation at Christmas, the brothers took that spirit of generosity and developed The Purpose Locker Foundation, which aims to create more open access to resources other organizations also give, but with less time constraint.

Crisman spoke very highly of other organizations in the area that give back to the community but feels like some fall short when it comes to hygiene products. Easy access to those products will be their focus, like brushes, deodorant, feminine products, and more.

“(The lockers) will also hold ways to keep warm and dry, such as gloves, hats, emergency blankets, and ponchos,” according to The Purpose Locker Foundation’s website.

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts, either. On the outside, there will be a list of resources for those using the locker, like job listings and other helpful organizations.

The brothers became an official non-profit with the Commonwealth in October, and now the search is on to find an organization that is willing to house their lockers.

While Crisman and Sgro look to solidify a home for the lockers, the foundation is officially up and running and encourages residents to donate.

“Why not help people and make your community a better place for everyone?” Crisman said.

With a little help from the community, these two are sure to make a positive impact on the city of Taunton and the surrounding areas.

How to Donate to The Purpose Locker Foundation

Send donations to P.O. Box 56, 681 Broadway, Raynham, MA, 02767

Visit their website

Call the foundation at (508) 837-0843

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